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Now Recruiting 26th INSIDERS MAFIA

국내 최고의 실전창업 인큐베이터 INSIDERS와 함께하며 창업을 향한 첫 도약을 해나갈 26기 학회원을 모집합니다.

​창업을 하고 싶은 본인만의 이유와 철학이 있으신 분, 창업에 진심인 분들의 많은 관심과 지원을 기다리겠습니다.​

We dare to be Different!

Insiders is a joint entrepreneurship network society establish in 2011
by Students of Yonsei(QS 76) & Korea(QS 79) university.

In operation for the past 12 years, we now serve as Korea's best youth startup incubator,
empowering students with exceptional passion and entrepreneurial
skills to collaboratively embark on business ventures.

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KakaoTalk_Photo_2023-12-27-17-26-18 002
KakaoTalk_Photo_2023-12-27-17-26-18 003
KakaoTalk_Photo_2023-12-27-17-26-18 005
KakaoTalk_Photo_2023-12-27-17-26-18 004
KakaoTalk_Photo_2023-12-27-17-26-18 006

Our Domestic & Global Partners


50+ successful ventures  &  $2.5B+ net worth

Since our establishment in 2011, we've nurtured the growth of over 50 successful ventures
and cultivated a network comprising more than 400 members.

Moreover, the cumulative net worth our companies achieved now stands at  $2.5 Billion.

              (JEONG) is the warm feeling of attachment
felt between people who share a close relationship.

Insiders' ultimate objective is to establish a powerful INSIDERS Mafia network.
Much like the influential PayPal Mafia forged by its foun
ding members,
INSIDERS aims to cultivate a dynamic network that fosters mutual

support, growth, and influence among its members.

We've cultivated a tight-knit community within the Insiders MAFIA,
bonded by the exchange of JEONG
. Within this environment,
we actively support each other's growth and amplify positive influence collectively


Proudly Introducing our

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