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Go Global "INSIDERS"
Ep. 01. San Francisco Bay Area Project

INSIDERS is a joint entrepreneurship society founded by students of

Yonsei University(QS 76) and Korea University(QS 79) in Seoul, Korea.

As Founders & Employees of PayPal have their own PayPal Mafia Network,

our primary goal is to build and enforce the INSIDERS mafia Network

& to witness our Alumni achieve their goal by Helping each other.


Founded in 2011, we now have 40+ Successful Ventures within our network.

However, the majority of our Alumni Networks still remain at the Domestic Level.

As Peter Thiel said in his book, "Zero to One" we believe that the truth is always

the opposite to what most people believe in and that we can solve bigger problems

globally by broadening our Insights.

This where we started the "San Francisco Bay Area Project".


To make this vision a reality, we are now actively seeking partnerships with
companies, organizations & community networks that share our
commitment to entrepreneurship and global growth.

Below is a draft of our project plan. If you are interested, please contact us at 


Accelerating Program for 1st place winner of
MVP Proje

Collecting Insights through Coffee-chats & Meet-ups with Senior Entrepreneurs



Integration of INSIDERS Mafia Network with other global Networks

Our Clients

our global partners


We are open for Donation

KB 012501-04-276014, 인사이더스

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