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Let more Global Unicorns
Spring in KOREA.

 Start with "Why" 

Only 3 Global Unicorn Companies /
Pre-existing Global Accelerator Programs
that don't provide any practical helps
(Field-Trip like programs)

3 Global Unicorns
with Korean Founders

MOLOCO | Ex-Youtube Algorithm Engineer. Started Cloud DSP Service in Global Market since day one with a mission to provide companies with practical AI Engines. 

NOOM | Moved to the United States after dropping out of college in 2005. After facing many difficulties, Noom is now a unicorn company with the vision to help people live healthy lives through behavioral change.

SENDBIRD | In 2013, Sendbird entered the U.S. by founding Smile Family, a parenting community for working mothers. Seeing greater potential in Smile Family's messaging function,
Sendbird switched to a corporate messaging solution in 2015.

Different Backgrounds / 

  Went global since day one  

Reach out to Global Market

& Become Global Unicorns

Founders must go global "Since Day One"

Problems surrounding global accelerator programs now operating in Korea.

SHORT-TERM | PMF cannot be found within a short term period.

Companies need at least a month to adjust to the market and find meaningful signs for PMF,

but current programs runs only for one to two weeks.

FIELDTRIP-LIKE | Developing own products and sticking to customers (rather it's B2C or B2B product) is the essential part of startup programs, but current programs focus more on CES, Tours to Big Tech Companies.

MEANINGLESS DEMODAYS | Attending and pitching on Demodays are meaningless for early-stage startups. What's more important is learning how to attract the audience within 3 minutes with their products. (Elevator Speech)

NO INSTRUCTIONS | Doing business in the US and in Korea is totally different. (Market, Business Manners, Board of Directors, Investment etc.) However, current global accelerator programs don't give any instructions on these differences.

Global Accelerator Program

INSIDERS will now serve as a Global Accelerator for young Korean entrepreneurs
who aspire to enter the global market from day one.

1. While providing them a physical environment to develop their products and agilely fix their ideas doing user interviews,


2. we will also teach them difference in market, business manner(LinkedIn, e-mails, Investment), BOD etc. & connect them with vital networks they need. However, as the old saying says we will teach them how to catch a fish so as to make their business sustainable for a long time

Lecture & Mentoring

Connecting Koreans who can share their firsthand experience in Global Market

with those who need help & insights

Many entrepreneurs in Korea experience visa issues in their process of overseas expansion,

but on top of that, they have psychological barriers that limits their expansion. To overcome these barriers, we believe that holding several light conferences like “Koreans in Silicon Valley" would be beneficial to our fellow entrepreneurs.


To make it happen, we went to
San Francisco Bay Area from
January 11th to 28th to search
potential partnerships & help.

We believe that more global
unicorn companies could spring in
Korea. And as we are approaching this project as doing our own
Start-up company, we'll stick to those who need help & those who could help us to make it happen.

This is the next step for INSIDERS. 

50+ Companies

Within our network, we now have more than
50 successful venture companies, with total
net value of them being more than $2.

12+ Years

Established in 2011 & running for more than
12 years, Insiders now hold strong networks
within the Domestic Startup Ecosystem.

4+ Dimensions

INSIDERS holds strong connections with...
Venture Companies / Startup Forums /
Venture Capitals / Universities

400+ Members

400+ Members are more than open to share their experience of failure & success and Pay it Forward

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